midnite ark a law

Infinite power

Billions in the sky and everyone’s a starrr… some Infinite Power create them all near and far; Rid out of the poverty everywhere you are…; just basic sustenance and penalty without utterance, and realness in repetition, which means trust in good covenants . whether it’s ghetto transaction or official peer mission…for a heat they will say, from the coast to the inland…strong arm colleges still require knowledges; anything you do going to still have to be solid is…the words you don’t want to trip up and mess up in a criminal business…anything you talk going to still have to be crisp…for anyone at all gone put your trust in it.
Loyalty and Allegiance overall still matter…no matter what you join or who you flatter what a follow… still have to do good at it to do well in any matter…why not please RastafarI and make things better…something useful within purpose must come together…docile up the poor about who is doing better. Watch it in the children have impotent before they never think it out, enough always shock when the real force oppose…always trivializing public cunning private joke, …even when they think it’s heinous and it’s better that people know….
Overs what go before and what come behind…once a man… three times a child. That’s when man come and they still acting shy amongst I n I…cross come woman with their foolish guile; don’t care always affect your entire life; tricks of a child which turn into homicide; from the beginning it was choice, with a problem choice. JAH mercy I endure with you forever even within the human voice…still up in the right eyes with drinks to keep the people nice. Tidings of the ruler of the Earth; King Selassie I!!!
Spill over juices, and boil over malices, happening in a tenement, as well as in a palaces, who could that be as well as was a stone did astonish it…never be the same again as the place where worries is

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