midnite anthology

Judge the pride

Every city state county, every intellectuall institution

Its only a set of interactions

Its only a body of relations

Human relations

So each one is a subset, you see, of human family

This been enough examples, you see, of scientific envy

Invented everything and can't harness their emotion

Building bigger on and bigger on a falsified foundation

Their self-view world-view was the root of their intentions

Snobbish deleted aspirations

Dismiss creations hard evidences

A marching them 360 to the Ethiopians

It's I-vine and committee conscience

Tryin'g to abide embarrassment

Deep space eyes thats looking

The deep water Eye thats looking

And the Hubble bring back pictures, it's the same thing

From the atom of a carbon to hurricane

And the spiral in the knowledge of deserving

Look like cell replications, how diversive

And the knowledge that remain still illusive

Haille Selassie I original King

The tetrahedron that he dripped up the scene with

Thats the highpriest of the molecule work with

Rushing to the singularity to rupture the time with

The monumental megalitic they openly covet

Anyone human mind is more complex than anything you builded

Still among the insects

Still among the insects

As the abstract thought has chemical representation and tangible MRI

So its real when you work out into crystalize

And they sitting in the cirtical rulling place of pride

And ethics and moral was long ago put aside

To reserve space for discovery and patents and copyrights

So theres a rich history of animals use in disguise

Of the prey and of the predators alike/allied

Must seem to them to be alike

Studying everyting that needs not sunlight

Everything that need not sunlight

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