midnite ainshant maps

Man tain

Love fi keep I self maintain
Love fi keep ourself
Integrity fi keep maintain
Heart of love fi keep maintain
Goodness fi keep maintain
Balance a why we keep maintain
Keep away reputation stain

Hafi keep ourself maintain
Hafi keep ourself maintain
Pure love there run ina we vein
Love fi keep our self maintain
Ital a cook fi keep ourself maintain
Ganja fi burn fi keep ourself maintain


Hafi keep oue eyes maintain
Insight fi keep maintain
Endorphins fi keep maintain
Vigilance who keep maintain
Haile determination you keep maintain

babylon come burn them kind of wickedness and abomination
wickedness and the stench of war and them thing that we a tell you from abstain

shook down rome
magnificence Jah
dragon magnificence ina the lgihtning
thunder and lightning fi dem
move out of the hemisphere of the goodness of jah earth
and make the flowers and the rain
make the rain from the waters come

hafi keep I eyes maintain
love and fullness fi maintain
as well as fi sharpness
as goodness fi balance
love in me heart conain
who says selassie dry bones rise again
rastaman done tell you say foreparents don’t complain

hafi keep our eyes
hafi keep ones self
foresight woulda have I disdain

shook down rome
shook down rome
come down jah come down
rastafari burn them outa the hemisphere and clean
clean air a come down outa the thunders magnificent
rastaman a ride up ina the mountain stream
rastaman a climb up onto zion spleen
rastaman done know them said them lock it in spleen
rasta done say know them will not come clean
the whole of them rasta done tell them say they won’t come clean
strength a what we keep maintain

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