midnite standing ground


(Chorus) Far I Adoni Rasta Iyah Adonai Rasta
Take a stance for I-Adoni Rasta
See it, them metamorphis creation na go last y’know,
this is not word of fantasy nor ina the past ago
there is a shifting market economy up for grabs
before, anyone can monopolize the consumer mind to go
Hardness, whey gone of Imanity of heart a
woe, what lose where the depths of where the water flow,
thanks and appreciate will stay so, for the heart
of gratitude already made so
and this is the major weapon that destroys and give you, an’ this
is not no extempo dingo.
I Adoni Rasta, I Adoni An take a stand for
I- Adonis Rasta,
Existing in natural waves of radio, and the oscilating
psyche-weapons can hear and influence you
and even picto-inject the mind and plant who,
even they scandal so you fear to.
And as purity of heart in earth is rare too, if it
happiness of heart is going where to,
an can pull together somehow and share too.
and it is hardness of heart where tempers flare
(Chorus) She is nuturing of infants who
bear thru, can be also as a careless, dont care too.
He who of a righteous apear can unelash other
symptoms in wrathful, him can be too.
There have been other kings without blaspheme
wool, I raspect I ancient fathers when I pound
I seek Haile Spirit within I Herbs pull, and its
majesty and awe that keep a heart full,
Make the people feel thankful and go do good,
forgive for all ave come short been into,
See I Adoni Rasta.
From yahoo what the small type a print to, find
the lineages of what the African akin to,
they are the Kenyans who overstand Greek like
just so,
they are South Africans that know japanese like
just so,
the African Herodotusmagnify so, there is a
such a remenant in the Ible,
and there be such a living in the rigth true, disposition
as Selassie a go guide you.
When the elders in the building what a bingo,
just to keep a social connect and feel alive to,
in the 400 years whey we forget to. As Selassie
who remind Earth, as it is Him who,
The orb and scepter and crown have been annoint
to, and the nations of the earth gather onto
Him through,
The barriers of creed from where Jah bring you,
rise over depth whey heart ave sink to,
to all the youth I bring, Jah know I love you.
I Adoni Rasta

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