midnite scheme a things

Words ov right

We want change the time…when Jah said keep the time
Don’t increase, don’t decrease
Keep the time
Words Ov Right
Words Ov Right
Words Ov Right
Words Ov Right
Captives of Judah came
Laden with their gold
With the diamond and the amethyst
Rubies and the emerald and the onyx stone
To a people that profited in nothing
Sell out their own
Into paths unknown
Yeah Words Ov Right
They want to walk to Light
We Jah said “Walk to Light”
98.6 degree blood be
Warm like tea early sunrise
And the moth and the people
Jah station
Birth growth and decline
The needs of the people meet…
Words Ov Right
The different colors and creations
Personal temperature
Words Ov Right…Right
Words Ov Right
Words Ov Right

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