midnite scheme a things

Respek dem een

From is the youth and the elders jah know seh respect dem een from them is the foundation people of earth jah know respect dem een from them is the keepers of the garden jah know seh them the husband man jah know seh them is the grainerys jah know seh dat respect dem een from dem deh the man weh can play the instrument jah know respect dem een from the keepers of the symbols and pslams jah know respect dem een, mek dem know seh respect dem een, from deh hearts of the long time jugglers jah know seh deh vibes come een jah know seh the goodness of kingdom cover deh earth come back and the vibes sit een…well haile i selassie get dem man dem and find out deh earth come een, oness a gonna reveal haile selassie i queen, haile i dun teach dem from deh ancient magic straight a who ruled deh earth, rastafari chant ah we tell dem from deh kingdom birth, we tell dem from the ancient of the longest and gi dem deh longest rule, which show dem seh haile i selassie i come outta jerusalem school room, we chant and tell dem hail selassie i deh ancient rule, psychologist of dem mind faces is wha a created dem tings, but mi a tell yuh dem kindda man deh only dem could ah think bout sneakers for sneakin, only dem could ah tell to is seh halt to stop but not stopping, halt but not stop but nevva thanks for who’s heating…

rastafari woman infested deh ancient fruit, fruit of mouth and fruit of covenant grown as a man weh live everyday, haile i selassie i tell dem play and work and work and now pay, haile i selassie i carry deh ancient time in ????? we tell dem that only thing we get outta deh bank is dat is a loan, haile i selassie i chant deh ancient creed of one a way…

earth form copper weh dem get deh ites and gold, weh dem get deh carbon and diamond wid deh conic black stone, haile i selassie i a chant come down as the ancient creed, rastafari chant out the goodness, so man we tell dem from the ancient need, love of goodness love of faith and good of thanks for out of hand, out of mouth flesh to man to man and live it woman to woman, and haile I selassie chant rastafari tell them hold up your faith, rastafari chant before dem open deh zion gates, for man shall chant wid a stomach and tongue and broken lips and to these people for deh cherubim did fly….

From is deh youth jah know and is the elders jah know seh respect dem een, from is de meek and the heart of clean of jah know se that man jah know seh respect dem een, from dem is deh keepers of covenant industries jah know seh respect dem een, from dem is deh covenant keepers of grainerys of deh industry, jah know seh dem ?? up deh masses of earth jah know seh respect dem een, from is deh heart of deh goodness and dem find that clean respect dem een, for is deh meeks that shall inherit deh earth jah know seh that respect dem een, for is the heart of good ah blended unto deh breddas jah know seh respect dem een, that give to all who give back strength and give back power and hold dem clean, hold dem firm man een jah know seh that respect dem een…for deh house of what regarding rastafari dun know is bunn and purified dem clean and purified all the dependents is what dem hold and find deh means, find deh means and the way and find deh covenants and hold it still, what regard as yuh speak of the ancient queen of the ancient scene, haile i praises from the ancient formally as trinities, haile i selassie i give we one way and so we chant ah gwaan come een, anything against creation is anti procreation…

move yuh een, well rastafari move yuh een, rastafari ah still respect dem een and tell dem come een until deh kingdom come from four direction until special realities, east west north and south gone up and down and selassie i say praise the queen, I rastafari know alfa and omega is deh ancient trinities, rastafari knowledge is from moon and stars a sell out greeneries, social stellar of the trinity manifested upon deh earth as trinitarians families…

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