midnite rule the time

Love and Light

Rastafari overcome with love and light,
with truth and right
Rastafari overcome with love and light
and truth and right

Oh no, publishing’s, publishing’s
Experimental confidence now wolf stain
Materialists see the soul factor as remove it, yeah
As double reinforcement science come to proof it (prove it)
HIM King Selassie I done overrule it
We are clueless they never knew this
They have their quanta operation satisfied with
And as noble laureates and with legitness
Rastafari humble their thought body with the quickness
And in Vienna, Austria was the witness, yeah
Removal of the frontal lobe of the cortex
As in the ‘Silence of the Lambs’ was demonstrated
With childhood humiliation refetch mouth if any
The erroneous blasphemy image heathen sugar failing
As their mirror beam to man maple sweet electrons
For the bang of deepest secret listening
Thought injection failed intention clinic forensic
For theSabbat and the Sabbat and the Sabbat they a talk
With a force time flesh consumption this
As the sons of blacka the Nile was marked for death

Rastafari overcome with love and life,
with truth and right
Rastafari overcome them with love and light,
with truth and right

Far was the ancient of the ancient opposition tax set
As a bald God residing in the West
Earth division balder out in fury psycho techno laser directed
And those who know King Selassie I call upon him, yeah
Also brought Jah forth the Gideon to direct is the ancient King Kadamawi over self
Rastafari overcome with love and life,
with truth and right
Rastafari overcome with love and light,
with truth and right

A walk of faith with tangibility’s them no oversee it yet
O yes Haile Oh yeah
Your expulsion from all rams of worm
You’re against this Christ
And with wood among the weed and drink shoe spike
For she, for deh she kinda inna the earth never to rot
For she forever is the spiritual bride of Christ
Five wise, five foolish
King Selassie I Christ Alpha and Omega Queen highly child
In each mirror image trinity house it actualize
In the slaughter when all new born …….. it is time for Christ
As for Moses, to this day this is still the price

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