midnite rule the time

Good thoughts

To control the balance inside, i bring joy, i bring good feeling

good thoughts, bring good feelings, bring good vibes, come bring real thing

all have heard it said before, "if you don't feel social-able,

be careful of the mood, careful of the vibes

don't spoil a celebration"

perspectives of more than i, it's a plural but singular i

bring good thoughts, bring good feelings, bring good vibes, bring real thing

bring the real thing, rastafari bring the real thing, yea

so many days of petty squabbling difficulty technical difficulties

stop the show, everything yea movin in slow mo

because if the feelings, because of the tensions

bring love, and bring good feelings, and bring real thing

oh rastafari children

trinitarian is the example, it must 3 ways go round

and for sure it must reach, honor the sound, honor the vibe

bring good feeling, give it real meaning, intention and feeling

bring good thoughts, bring good feelings, bring good vibes, bring real thing

all rastafari, when you come, bring the real thing

don't you come to stress up the place

don't you come to bring down the place

don't you sit and self pity marinate

when you could ride with the vibes

share a good feeling

be happy for you sistren for your idren

share in the feeling

come with the vibes

come with good feeling

come bring the real thing, real thing

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