midnite infinite quality

Right here




I thank the lord for Life

Right here, Oh yeah

I thank the lord for Life

In a garments offering

In a drink of offering

In a food offering

In a praise offering

Right here, Right now

I acknowledge, the lord of Life, of light

Of one filament that’s undivide

Right here, Right now

I thank Jah the lord for Life

Haile Selassie, by his namesake

And for his namesake

Blessed are they that are persecuted for righteousness sake

Who speak not out of vain, puffed up ambition and falsevanity

Right here, Right here

Oh yeah, I thank Jah the lord for Life

Right now, I offer thanks for rights

It has been photon

Electron deltron activation

Searching the depths of the mind

For the negative function to split the atom, yeah

This is the new psycho perversion inversion, yeah, ohh

Right now, yeah Right here, Right here, yeah

I thank the lord for Life, ohhh

A singularity of light

Right here

It is the core of an archetype

Right here, Right now

Ohh yeahh aiii

It was a code, a binary code, yeah

The triune God

Haile Selassie might of the holy Trinity

He who forsee and forspeak, yes

It was a binary code to exclude the Trinity

Right here Right now

I acknowledge the lord of Life

I-theopia root, from the ancient without divide

The splitted tune in for

Of the blue and white ???????

Right here Right now

Calling out to all Zion child

Right here Right now

Right hearrree, Right now

Acknowledge the law of light


It was the rain from a smoke offering

That carried the drops to the wind on your skin

Blessings flow out from within

Right here, Right now

I thank Jah the lord for Life

Right now, a singularity of light

Right now, Right here

It is the ?? inversion of

Of your upside down glasses experimentation, yeah

Right here Right now

I thank Jah for Life

Right now,

My mouth shall continually utter praises unto Jah, yeah

He is the strength of right

The strength of Life, yeahhh

Ancients don’t know mankind’s ego

I thank Jah the lord for Life

Oh yes

Right here

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