midnite cipheraw

Least of these

Whooa yehh

If it should happen to the lease of these than it should happen to Jah

The child choose to judge as secure and apan a motha shoulda

An incidence of higharitical permiss and good character

And did not answer to likle red suit with no pitch black ova shoulder

Pitch pitch black geographical tuning farq Africa

Di hana and the glory is the fear of Jah Ababa haa

Right to modern day of oursLion Conquer

But the simple good of knowin, better


Slipping an fall come wintawa remember Waukesha

Well dig up of the fleva wah a go stay upawah

Waiting for the mezzanine stadis mal tell lea

Concept what a go walk pan nag a destroy soldier

Wholeleap ala gun first an run recipraka

Defence is realistic ova wah you think awah

Remnants of stone ova with ancient Passover

Untold dynasty an imput Africa

From Mekka and Mandinga to West Africa

All aspects from Zion to Adkan heard

Cultural reissues wi a ga talk over

Di obstacles well I an I fi leave eachotha over

Nuff things including lef out and walkover

Justice and clarity each walk together

Overstana you, program such a danger

Distortion of the plagiarism of the mainger

Inverse degradation of mother and father

To conquer every power ina world so lang

Tido Cai alone nothing else them prefearherher

So Jah to stand and to hold integrity interia

For the broken deeds of each and every old soldier

For the Africans are the islands as ova vampire

Creatin to build from chaotic and disorder

Nyla ice cream nor date witch reagga –rader


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